Fields of activity

The activity of the institute is characterized by a dynamic of concerns in accordance with the requirements that have evolved over the years, from its inception to the present, so that the experience gained is particularly vast.

The elaboration of diagnoses, warnings and hydrological forecasts is a very wide area of expertise of the institute developed since the 60's. The products of these activities are the daily diagnosis and forecast bulletins for the Danube, rivers and lakes, medium and long-term forecast bulletins for ten days, one month and three months. The institute has the capacity to elaborate special forecasts of water levels and flows in risk situations: floods and droughts, ice bridges and sludge forecasts, groundwater monthly forecasts.

The Institute coordinates the activity of the national network of hydrology and hydrogeology, providing technical and specialized guidance and implementation of modernization programs of the national hydrological surveillance system, by developing and implementing techniques and methodologies for measuring, collecting and validating hydrological data and information and methodological guidance, and also technique of the units of the national hydrological system.

Support research activities have been developed for the development of hydrological knowledge at river basin level, water and alluvial runoff formation, the effect of anthropogenic influences on slope runoff in representative basins and experimental stations, as well as for determining the hydrological parameters necessary for sizing hydrotechnical works in natural and arranged drainage regime, the elaboration of the syntheses of these parameters for the inland rivers, for the Danube and the Danube Delta. A special place is occupied by studies and research on the impact of climate change on water resources. Studies on the assessment of the country's groundwater reserves and resources, as well as the regime, balance and quality of groundwater have been and are being developed.

The problems of complex, integral and rational use of the country's waters imposed the need for detailed knowledge of the characteristics of surface and groundwater runoff, as well as the development of studies and research on water management, in order to substantiate decisions, policies and strategies in water resources management.

In recent years, support studies have been developed for the implementation of European Directives (Water Framework Directive, Groundwater Directive, Flood Directive, etc.) as well as research in the field of ecohydrology and restoration of watercourses.

A basic support activity is the management, updating and administration of hydrological and hydrogeological databases, elaboration of programs for exploitation and access to databases, data processing applications from the Hydrological database and Geological database, as well as conducting studies based on GIS technology for various information layers.


NIHWM provides services for:

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